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​Azaadi 1.0 is a unique Desi card game. First of its kind in the league of democracy and nationalism based strategy games, Azaadi 1.0 tests the players’ memory as well as strategic playing skills through it’s two styles of playing. Its a multi-player offline game.
It comes in 2 modes of gameplay.


Gameplay 1 image

Game 1

Players start with 10 fact cards.

The Character Cards are placed in a deck on the Jail section of the board.

Game starts with the Character card being opened and placed in the Court section. Whichever player has the corresponding Fact Card is supposed to claim the Bail and play the correct Fact Card.

When the player is correct, then bail is given and the cards are cleared away to the Bailed section of the board.
If the played fact card is incorrect then that player receives one card each from the rest of the players as Penalty. If a Bail card comes up in the Character deck, then the following character card is cleared away without the fact card being played. The fact card of that character remains with the player who has it.

To win the game, the aim is to finish all the fact cards in hand. Whoever is left with the most cards loses the game.

gameplay 2

Game 2

All 4 players are dealt with 11 character & bail cards.

The fact cards are kept in a deck and are drawn by each player. As each card is drawn, one has to be given up.

If the card given up is a character card, then that character goes to jail. Any player can claim that character card to complete their set only if they have the correct fact card belonging to the jailed character.

A Bail Card cannot be used to make a full set which requires 2 facts (worth 20 points). It can only be used to make a half set which requires one fact card (10 points).

To win, players have to make 2 full sets (character matched with the two correct fact cards) & 3 half sets (character matched with one fact card / bail card, and call out “Azaadi”.  Correct claim ends the game & points are awarded to all based on completed sets.

Incorrect claim to “Azaadi” leads to that player forfeiting while others continue the game.


Game 1 – Andar Bahar

Azaadi The Game – Gameplay 1 – Andar Bahar

Game 2 – Gatbandhan

Azaadi The Game – Gameplay 2 – Gatbandhan


About The Game

Azaadi 1.0 was released for the first time on the grand occasion of our 75th Year of Independence as we celebrate the sacrifice and the contributions of our freedom fighters, who helped set up the foundation of the nation called India.

This card game helps us to get to know interesting and rarely known facts about the life and achievements of these heroes.

Through Azaadi 1.0, we hope to create a fun way to remember and honor these heroes, and make sure that they are a part of our present, as much as they are historic figures.

It is this vision that inspired to conceptualize Azaadi 1.0.

In both types of gameplay, to check if you got the facts right, we’ve prepared a Fact Sheet with the pictures of the Heroes, and two facts about each of them. You can download the PDF right below.

About The Team

Here are the people involved in creating Azaadi 1.0:

Ajit Babu, Head of Partnerships, SWARI. – Ajit is a Disability Rights Activist, TEDx Speaker and a Crisis response expert.

Rakshitha Prakash, Head of Arts, SWARI. – Rakshitha is a DIY artist, a writer and is passionate about building things.

Mohamed Rafi, Head of Manufacturing, SWARI. – Rafi brings 15 years of expertise making Channapatna handicrafts and is also a brilliant chef!

Sreepriya Menon, Head of HR, SWARI. – Priya is a mental health professional with degrees from LSR college, Delhi and TISS, Mumbai and she’s our People Person.

Harish Narayan, Public Relations Officer, SWARI. – A media & content wizard, Harish Narayan brings with him an experience of 10 years working with regional media houses and film industry. He helps us with Media Relations at SWARI.

azaadi team
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